I have to confess, I love lists. Probably because I’m an obsessive planner. Not to mention the satisfaction I get from crossing things off the list.

A bucket list is always on my New Year agenda. For me, it’s about looking forward to the year ahead and thinking about the things we want to achieve as a family. It has to be handwritten and pinned on the notice board in the kitchen. I then usually stare at it while I’m cooking and think ‘I need to get a move on with that…’

In an ideal world, it would read something like this:-

  • Take a 6 month trip around South America
  • Learn Spanish along the way (or at least pick up a few essentials)
  • Lose all my baby weight within 3 months and shrink to a size 10
  • Max will potty-train himself
  • The new baby will sleep at least 6 hours at night from birth
  • Win the lottery
  • Be happy all the time

But life is a bit more complicated in reality. The days for epic adventures and free time for hobbies are on hold for the timebeing. With a mortgage, house renovations, a toddler and a new addition arriving in March, the 2018 family bucket list is looking far from glamorous. This is what I’ve got so far…

  • Squeeze in a last-minute babymoon with the husband (somewhere within a short drive of London so I don’t have to stop for a wee break fifty times)
  • Start/finish the rear extension of our house (complete with an idyllic playroom Max can then destroy…)
  • Have a baby (that’s pretty set for March)
  • Potty-train Max in the summer
  • Lose the baby weight (in 6-9 months although that’s optimistic…)
  • Learn to love running and sign up for a half marathon in 2019 (it helped me shift the baby weight last time and training for an event would motivate me to get started)
  • Celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary (without the kids for a few hours)
  • Have both little ones sleeping through 7pm-7am (we can dream can’t we?!)
  • Upgrade to a family car (with two kids, we’ll need a bigger boot)
  • Survive the year with our sanity in tact

While I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a little deflated not to have an exotic destination on the list like Hawaii or Sri Lanka, 2018 for our family is The Year of Practicality. Life has changed dramatically and priorities are different this year.

Since Max was born in 2016, we’ve done the long-haul travel to Australia with a baby (and somehow survived), we’ve visited new places in the UK and managed to have monthly Date Nights.

But soon, life will be more chaotic than ever with an extension starting (we are totally mad!) and two children under 2. I’m accepting that 2018 will be more a year for survival rather than adventure. I imagine a day-trip out of London will be quite enough adventure to begin with!

Bucket lists don’t necessarily have to be filled with adrenaline-seeking activities or impressive experiences to give you important goals to aim for.

Sometimes even mundane challenges like potty-training can be rewarding. So I’m told…

Whatever ends up on the family bucket list, the best part is that we’re spending time as a family and achieving things together.

So now we’re in to 2018 and the race is on to start crossing off some things.

First thing on my agenda – get cracking on booking a babymoon before the grandparents retract their offer to babysit for a weekend!

I’d love to hear your ideas for a family bucket list – share your suggestions by commenting below. Feel free to make me completely jealous with your faraway destinations. Maybe it will inspire me to include them on our 2019 Bucket List…

Sara xx


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  1. Joy
    7th January 2018 / 2:48 am

    Love your down- to- earth practicality Sara,balanced with achievable dreams! Your ‘make a list’ suggestion is timely – is New Year 2018 and any hints for better organization are appreciated. Thanks for the blog!

    • 7th January 2018 / 11:02 am

      Thanks Joy! xx

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