It’s officially the worst month of the year. According to me.

We’ve overspent on Christmas gifts, had a long run of suffering bugs and colds (along with the nation) and we could really benefit from some time at home and a few early nights. We’re shunning all social activities and temporarily hibernating. Sorry, friends. See you in February.

With that in mind, January is the perfect time to snuggle on the sofa with a blanket and a cup of tea/glass of wine for some serious TV binge-watching.

This is also the month we spend moaning that we want a real fire. For now, we’ll just have to survive with our fake one. Such a first world problem, I know.

Here’s what’s on our TV watch list this month…



This is the BBC’s big first drama of 2018 and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s a thrilling six-parter and we were hooked within 30 minutes, with a shocking country-house murder and the promise of Russian gangsters. Well, I was hooked the second James Norton came in to shot but the fact my husband was gripped gives it some real credibility. Sundays, 9pm on BBC1


Silent Witness 

At last, we see the return of forensic detective Nicki Alexander – it’s been too long! The dramatic end to the previous season saw her barely survive being buried alive. She is still reeling from the effects of her near-death experience in the new season of 10 episodes. Thankfully there’s more murders and disappearances to keep her (and us) occupied. Mondays and Tuesdays, 9pm on BBC1


The Crown 

December saw the launch of Season 2 and we’re just catching up. If you aren’t aware of The Crown, (where have you been living?!), the drama follows the political romance and rivalries of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. It stars the fantastic Claire Foy as the Queen and Matt Smith as the lovable rogue, Prince Philip. The costumes, corgis and accents alone make it fascinating watching. Netflix


Miriam’s Great American Adventure

Miriam Margolyes is the new Marmite of TV. She may not be everyone’s cup of tea but personally I adore her. She is without a doubt the crudest, most outspoken and funniest septuagenarian on TV. In this, she is exploring the concept of “the American dream” and whether it has a place in reality. Although it presents a rather depressing vision of the US, with the poor continuing to be poor and involved in a life of crime, and the rich still ridiculously rich, her personality (love or hate her) means there’s not a dull moment. Wednesdays, 9pm on BBC1


Next of Kin

This is the new thriller from ITV, featuring the fantastic Archie Panjabi from The Good Wife. We loved her as Kalinda, the sassy criminal investigator; now she’s finally taking the lead role as Mona. Her idyllic life is shattered when her brother is abducted and murdered in Pakistan by suspected terrorists. That same day there is a terrorist attack in London and Mona’s family are drawn in to a tangle of betrayal, conspiracy and murder. Mondays, 9pm on BBC1


And when you’ve watched all that, there’s always plenty of reading here on my blog…!


Sara xx


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