It’s my husband’s birthday next weekend. The problem is my husband is not “a birthday person”. I’m faced with the same dilemma every year – what do I buy the man who doesn’t want anything, the man who has everything already…worse still, the man who doesn’t even LIKE his birthday.

The timing is terrible. I’ve used up all my best ideas for his Christmas presents. So far, I’ve gone with the bog standard gifts:

  • Socks
  • Star Wars-themed underwear (don’t get me started!)
  • A cheesy ‘best daddy’ mug

I need to up my game, I know…

In previous years, I’ve really made an effort to make his birthday a special day in the wasted hope he will suddenly start caring/being excited about his own birthday.

For his 30th, I gave him a basket of 30 individually wrapped presents, all thoughtfully planned and purchased. Sadly I was more excited than he was. He didn’t exactly jump up and down in jubilation as I had (obviously unrealistically) hoped for. But to be fair, it was the most animated reaction to birthday gifts I’ve seen in 10 years. So I considered that a small success.

That’s not to say he’s not thankful for the thought or the gifts – believe me, he’s not a total ass, despite how I’m making him sound. Apparently he just doesn’t need gifts.

Last year, I took on board the infamous proverb ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ and treated him to lunch at Duck and Waffle, one of the highest restaurants in London. The view wasn’t great, we were mostly shrouded in cloud, but what did I expect at the end of January?

But the food…oh wow, the food. And he loved it. Did I mention the best part? I  enjoyed some of my own birthday gift. He couldn’t exactly enjoy a three-course meal on his own, could he?



This year, maybe I should bake him a cake, cook his favourite meal (continuing the food/stomach theme), uncork a bottle of Malbec (he’s finishing dry January early so he can drink on his birthday…tut tut), get Monopoly out and call it a day. By his standards, that would be a good birthday; by mine, just a regular Friday night (minus the birthday cake).

I have another a few days to come up with something good enough to get a genuinely excited smile out of him…here’s hoping.

Suggestions welcome (and needed) by the way…!

Sara xx


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