Without a doubt, Instagram is my favourite social media. Whether I’m in the mood for food, fashion, interiors, celebrities or just fancy seeing some of my favourite friends’ faces, Instagram is the perfect pick-me-up.

Check out some of these fantastic Instagrammers to follow…


Murad Osmann – muradosmann

With 4.5 million followers, he’s the Instagram sensation. His story is simple – he’s a Russian photographer following his girlfriend (and I mean literally following) around the world. His stunning photos capture the beauty of the destination in such a unique way. They are always bright, imaginative and I find every photo completely  captivating. I’m always excited to see what he’s going to share with next.


Bryony Palmer – eatinlndn

A girl after my own heart – a real foodie. With 17.8K followers, her photos of food always look delicious and usually leave me drooling and craving whatever it is she’s posted – brownies, cronuts, baked eggs, a roast dinner… She scores the food out of 10 for food, price and service and her witty puns are guaranteed to make you smile. Her style is simple but brilliant.


Beautiful Destinations – beautifuldestinations

This is to satisfy the traveller in me. Named as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2017, Beautiful Destinations is the brand behind the largest travel community currently on social media. I usually prefer to follow people, not brands, but I’m addicted to their constant stream of photos of, you guessed it, beautiful destinations. It’s so satisfying to recognise a landmark or sight I’ve seen myself; and if not, I usually add it to the travel bucket list.


Bryony Gordon – bryonygordon

She is the author behind two books, ‘Mad Girl’ and ‘The Wrong Knickers’. I had no idea who she was until I read ‘Mad Girl’ with my Book Club (basically a chance for my friends to get together, drink wine, chat for 15 minutes about the book and gossip the rest of the night). As well as a columnist for The Telegraph, Bryony Gordon is also the founder of Mental Health Mates. Her posts are refreshingly honest and she continues to put the spotlight on so many issues we all like to sweep under the carpet – weight, OCD, depression and addiction. She’s my daily dose of reality. 


Sex and The City Quotes – sexandthecityquotes

Don’t judge me for some S&C self-indulgence. I am a HUGE fan of the show, not just for the outrageous outfits and 35 minutes of escapism but for the characters and their crazy dialogue. I’m talking about some ground-breaking Eureka moments here. Such as ‘who we are in bed is who we are in life.’ And ‘if a guy gets angry, he’s a pistol. A woman, she’s emotional.’ Great for a giggle a day.


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