My Current Obsessions

My Current Obsessions


In life, we all have obsessions. Mine change fairly frequently, depending on the season, my mood and generally what’s going on in my life. For me, they are…



If you’re not on Instagram, I feel like you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past year or so. I can count on one hand the number of people I know not on Instagram. It’s definitely my favourite of all the social media channels. You’ll know from my January post, 5 Instagram Accounts I’m Loving, that I’m a big fan of this photo-sharing app.




I’ve been on Facebook for over 10 years now and I’ll admit I’m totally bored with it. I’m fed up with uninteresting posts and irrelevant status updates. I’d much rather see a photo from someone’s travels than see they’ve checked in to an airport.

Everyone’s photos are unique and there are some really inspiring people I follow.

I’m loving the Stories feature too. It’s fascinating to see what others share from their day.



With Spring around the corner, it’s one of my favourite times of year and I love having fresh flowers in the house again.


In Winter, I tend to fill the house with festive scented candles and cinnamon reed diffusers. A poinsettia is the only exception and that’s only through December. So Valentine’s Day kicks off the floral season for me and from then on, comes the beautiful hordes of daffodils, tulips, bluebells and crocuses in March, with blossom and magnolia in April.


I’m so looking forward to our first few visits to our local nursery to start buying for the garden. This summer I’ll be on maternity leave so I’ll have the chance to really enjoy the space.


Survival of the Fittest

The Winter version of Love Island on ITV2 – has anyone else been hooked on it? I must have been one of the few people who didn’t watch Love Island last summer, the concept never really grabbed me. BUT Survival of the Fittest has had me gripped for the last three weeks.

It’s totally trashy TV – beautifully bronzed, muscly boys and girls, living in a luxury lodge in South Africa for 3 weeks, competing against each other in mental/physical challenges with the final aim of winning a cash prize. There’s been love in the air, gossiping, plenty of laughs, a couple of break-ups and some great challenges. Of course the natural setting is gorgeous and totally makes me want to go on safari. Not practical this year but it’s on the Travel Bucket List.


Winter Knits and Stretchy Leggings

It’s tough being pregnant in Winter. Squeezing swollen feet in to boots is no fun. Asking your husband to put your socks on and tie up your shoe laces because you can’t bend over your watermelon-sized bump is definitely no fun.

BUT one of the lovely things is that you can get away with wearing chunky knitted cardigans and comfortable leggings all you want.



I’ve made it through the entire pregnancy wearing most of my normal big winter woollens and knitted waterfall cardigans. H&M have some great maternity basics tops that I wear underneath and I found some great over-the-bump leggings from ASOS in different colours. So comfortable…


Quality Family Time

With our trio soon to become a foursome, it’s been good to squeeze in some quality time just the three of us. I had big plans for all the places I wanted to take Max before his sister arrived but illness, weather and logistics have made it fairly difficult to achieve most of them.

So I’ve settled for just enjoying the time we spend together at home. Last weekend Max and I cuddled on the sofa under a blanket watching Toy Story – the first film he’s watched from start to finish – and it was lovely. We’ve braced the cold weather for long weekend walks in the park, helping him use his scooter and watching him laugh his way down the big boy slide.

Hibernating indoors means I’ve not been out much at night and I’ve actually found it quite refreshing. Life will very soon be eating dinner while one of us holds a crying baby and all about 11pm feeds so I’m making the most of quiet evenings at home with Ralph, candlelit baths and early bedtimes.


Next month, my obsessions are likely to be newborn cuddles and sleep…!


Sara xx


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  1. Vicky
    3rd March 2018 / 12:47 pm

    With you on the SOTF obsession! xx

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