Our Spring Plans

Our Spring Plans

Although you wouldn’t believe it after the snow and arctic temperatures of the last few weeks, we are officially in Spring now. It’s probably my favourite time of year. With all the daffodils, tulips and bluebells in bloom, it brings the promise of warmer weather, longer days and happier faces.

Most importantly, it means Winter is over. Putting winter hats, scarves and thick woolly jumpers in to hibernation is quite cathartic for me. I’m not a fan of the cold, if you haven’t guessed.

One of my first blog posts mentioned how much I love to make plans. Normally at this time of year, I have a Spring Bucket List pinned up in the kitchen. But I’ll admit it’s a little tricky this year.

With our baby due any day now and the house in complete chaos with the renovation, we are taking each day as it comes. That’s very unusual for me. I’m usually a meticulous planner with dates in the diary right up to the end of the year. But I have to say, I’m rather enjoying the spontaneity of deciding what to do on the day.

Although I doubt we’ll achieve even half of these, here are a few of my ideas for Spring…

Stroll among the daffodils

There are lots of wonderful places to see daffodils this Spring. Last year, we stumbled across a nearby gem, Myddletton House and loved walking through the gardens.

Daffodils at Myddleton House

Daffodils at Myddleton House

Daffodils at Myddleton House

I’d love to be more adventurous and go to the Dazzling Daffodils event at Hever Castle but imagine we’ll be keen to stay local. It’s definitely worth checking out Hever Castle between 21st-25th March (if it’s anywhere near you). There are 14,000 daffodils set to bloom.

Check out the National Trust’s suggestions for the best places nationwide to see daffodils and bluebells. It’s well worth downloading their walks if you feel like more than a stroll.

See the newborn lambs

Families literally flock to the lambing weekend at nearby Forty Hall. Max will love seeing the new lambs and there’s the chance to see other animals at the farm too. There’s local food stalls, a great little farm shop and no doubt we’ll stay on to enjoy a hot chocolate at the cute cafe.

An eggscellent Easter

Sorry for the awful pun but it had to be done. I’ve never been big on Easter. For me, it’s just a good reason to eat chocolate and spend time with family. Having Max encourages me to make something more of the occasion now. Last year, he was almost one but as he was up and running already, we had a small Easter egg hunt at home. I tied small eggs to brightly coloured balloons and put them (not so discreetly) around the house. He loved it.


Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

It’s his second birthday on Easter Monday so we’ll do the Easter egg hunt early and keep the focus on his birthday this year.

Get the house extension finished

Bringing a new baby home to a construction site isn’t ideal and we also have Ralph’s family staying at the end of April. So I really hope the extension is finished soon, or at least, well on the way to completion. I’m not expecting everything to be 100% finished. I can live with plastered walls and light cables hanging from the ceiling. But having a liveable space will be important. Giving Max (and his new baby sister) a good-sized play area was part of the reason for extending the house. I’m excited to see it all come together and create a fun space for him.

Get in the garden

I’ve got lots of plans for our garden this year. Since buying our house three years ago, we’ve transformed the garden from an overgrown boggy disaster to something where flowers actually grow. As with our entire renovation, the aim was to make it a useable space first. Now we’re at the point where we want to strive to make it somewhere special. I’m planning to spend a fair amount of my upcoming maternity leave in a shady spot with little ones soon…

Book a holiday

I’m always one for booking holidays and the planner-part of me is desperate to book a summer trip for us. I find myself daydreaming about relaxing on a beach, reading a book and going for a dip in the sea amid the horrendous drilling while I’m at home. Then I also remember I’ll have a boisterous but loveable toddler and a newborn baby this summer…a relaxing holiday probably isn’t on the cards. But, we haven’t been anywhere since September last year so I’m keen to go somewhere…anywhere. Cornwall is one of my favourite places so I imagine we’ll end up for there over the summer. Let the Cornish holiday research begin!

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