About me


Hi, I’m Sara

Welcome one and all. I started this blog on 1st January 2018. Partly as a New Year resolution to see how long I could stick with it. But mostly because I needed a creative outlet to help me cope with the huge changes in my life when I became a mother.

It’s still early days for my blog but it’s essentially a place for all of my favourite things – fashion, food, books, days out, London life, travel and photography. I hope it evolves in to something special.

I live in North London with my Australian hubby Ralph, my son Max and my daughter Olivia. We have been renovating our house since 2015 and I am constantly changing things. Much to my husband’s annoyance.



I’m a born and bred North Londoner.

My name is actually pronounced Sarah but spelt Sara. Blame my parents.

I love chocolate and can’t live without it (believe me, I’ve tried).

I beg my husband daily to have a Westie. He wants a Labrador. The fight continues.

My all-time favourite film has to be Father of the Bride. 1 & 2. Pretty Woman comes a close second.

Hot cross buns are stocked in my house all-year round.

My tipple of choice is always Prosecco or on a cold night, Baileys.

We got married in Thailand, overlooking a gorgeous stretch of beach in Phuket.

I love scented candles, Michael Buble, fish and chips, booking holidays, curling up on our Chesterfield sofa with a blanket and a good book, The Piano Guys, Waitrose and Graham Norton.



Brussel sprouts, turbulence, people chewing gum loudly, mess (mainly Ralph’s) and mummies who pretend motherhood is glorious all the time (stop lying ladies).


If you want to get in touch, email me here. If you want to read my latest blog post, check it out here.

Thanks for reading. I love to hear your thoughts so feel free to comment.

Sara xx